The WatchBP Home: accurate home measurements for your doctor.

The Microlife WatchBP Home device is designed to help your doctor making the best diagnosis.

Important facts about the Microlife WatchBP Home

The WatchBP Home is different from other blood pressure measurement devices. It is developed in close collaboration with leading hypertension experts and has an implemented schedule. Scientific evidence has shown that this schedule helps you to adhere to the complicated guidelines for self-measurements making your measurements more reliable [1]. These measurements will help your doctor making the best decisions regarding your treatment.
Using WatchBP Home is as easy to use as a standard digital blood pressure monitor, so learning how to use WatchBP Home will not ask much of your time. You can find online instructions by <clicking here>.

Using WatchBP Home between doctor visits

We advise you to consult your doctor on recommended procedures for blood pressure measurement. In the absence of recommendations from your doctor, Microlife recommends the following procedures:

Four Steps For Home Blood Pressure Measurements Between Doctor Visits

  1. Ask your doctor or nurse to demonstrate how to perform self blood pressure measurements or click here to view a demonstration.
  2. Between visits to your doctor, take one duplicate measurement per week in  “Usual Mode”.  
  3. Seven working days prior to the next visit  to your doctor , take duplicate measurements once in the morning and once in the evening using Diagnostic mode. 
  4. Bring the WatchBP home device to your doctor at the next visit.

  1. Wessel s, van der Hoeven NV, Van den Born BJ, Cammenga M, Van Montfrans G. Microlife Watchbp for Home Blood Pressure Measurement More Accurate in 'Diagnostic' Mode Compared To Usual Mode. J Hypertens 2010; 28: e454.