Microlife WatchBP: a result of close collaboration with hypertension specialists, primary care physicians and medical societies

The idea of WatchBP came from Microlife CEO, K.Y. Lin, and leading European hypertension specialist, Professor George S. Stergiou.


Dr. Stergiou, a medical doctor with an aptitude for engineering and member of the ESH working group on blood pressure monitoring, and Mr. Lin, an engineer with a keen interest in healthcare, decided to join their strengths. They recognized that many aspects of the ESH blood pressure measurement protocol could be automated. This would eliminate many labor-intensive aspects and inaccurate reporting by physicians and patients

Using simple technologies to improve hypertension control rates

Mr. Lin, started the development of a protocol-embedded home blood pressure measurement device. This was, however, just the beginning. Mr. Lin enamored the idea that simple technologies could play a valuable role in blood pressure measurement, but also in controlling blood pressure.

In January of 2006, Microlife sponsored the symposium “Hypertension Monitoring and Management Global Thought Leaders Summit” in Taipei, Taiwan. Key opinion leaders on hypertension from the U.S., France, the U.K., Greece, Japan, Germany, Taiwan, and China attended the event.

The event was a success and accelerated the development of WatchBP (Whole Aspect for Treatment and Caring of High Blood Pressure). WatchBP aims at  promoting more effective hypertension treatment and management by:

1. Increased dialogue between hypertension societies, physicians, and patients.
2. The promotion of validated guidelines.
3. The introduction of device technologies that contribute to better health care.

Since January of 2006, Microlife actively participates in each 'International‘ and 'European Society of Hypertension' congress, to share new information and obtain new ideas. These efforts led and still lead to an expansion of the original WatchBP concept as can be found on this website.

Promoting the importance of blood pressure measurement in healthcare

Continuous dialogue with leading authorities on blood pressure measurement, including Dr. Pickering in New York, Dr. O’Brien in Ireland, and Dr. Imai in Japan, has expanded the awareness of the importance of blood pressure in hypertension diagnosis and treatment. Microlife also continues to collaborate with prominent primary care physicians Dr. Jeff Yu in Taiwan and Dr. Scott Hammond in the U.S. to advance the implementation of WatchBP solutions into daily primary care practice.

As the main force behind the initiative, Microlife has hosted and sponsored many events and dedicated its R&D resources to the development of new health care technology. A worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and branding of medical diagnostic equipment for institutional and home use, Microlife seeks to fulfill the demand, bridge the gap, and achieve the lofty goals of the WatchBP initiative.