Microlife WatchBP: The tool for office and out-of-office measurements.

Office and out-of-office blood pressure monitors.

Microlife WatchBP does not rely on a single device for all measurements but adapted devices to the specific requirements for each specific form (office, home, 24-h)  of blood pressure measurement.  These include WatchBP Office –a clinical blood pressure monitor for use in the doctor’s office. WatchBP O3 –an ambulatory (24-h) monitor and WatchBP Home – a home monitor with an implemented guideline based self-measurement schedule.

Microlife WatchBP consists of the WatchBP office, the WatchBP O3, the WatchBP home devices, along with the WatchBP Analyzer software. 

Advanced hypertension diagnosis and treatment assessment

A combined collection of  office and out-of-office measurement data provides the ability to classify patients with hidden hypertension types such as masked and white coat hypertension which can prevent under- and overtreatment [1].

Physician-guided home blood pressure measurement

There is an increasing consensus that home blood pressure measurements are clinically important [2, 3]. Nevertheless, concerns about patient’s accuracy in measurement and reporting, device accuracy, always led to objections by physicians' regarding these measurements.

With WatchBP these objections are history. The WatchBP home device, with implemented 7-day blood pressure measurement ESH/AHA schedule  helps physicians to obtain accurate and reliable home blood pressure measurement data [4].

Follow ESH and AHA guidelines without added burden

Microlife WatchBP devices have been designed to assist busy physicians in collecting guideline based blood pressure measurement data.   By automating simultaneous inter-arm measurements, the WatchBP office increases accuracy and reduces the time required for determining   inter-arm differences.  The WatchBP O3 and WatchBP Home devices help to obtain accurate out-of-office measurements and provide automated data averages  that gives  the physician valuable information.

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