Instruction Video

How to measure your blood pressure correctly with th WatchBP home.

Accurate measurements for your doctor in eight simple steps.

Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of home blood pressure measurement in making accurate diagnoses of hypertension and, in the long-term, managing hypertension. The value of home measurements largely depends on the accuracy of its procedure. Below are eight simple steps designed to help you obtain the most accurate home blood pressure measurements for your doctor.

Step 1

Avoid taking measurements directly after eating, drinking, or smoking. Allow at least one hour between these activities and measurement of your blood pressure

Step 2

Prepare a chair and table for the measurement. The chair should have a vertical back-rest and the table should allow for your upper arm to rest at the same height as your heart.

Step 3

Remove all clothing covering or constricting the measurement arm. Apply the cuff. Make sure the lower edge of the cuff is 2–3cm from the inner fold of your arm. The tube connecting the cuff to the device should be placed on the inside of the arm. (Additional visual instruction can be found on the cuff)

Step 4

Sit down and relax for at least five minutes prior to the measurement.

Step 5

Sit upright and lean comfortably against the chair’s backrest. Press the start button. The device will initiate a 60-second countdown. During the measurement do not move, cross your legs, or tense your arm muscles. Breath normally and do not talk.

Step 6

One measurement cycle includes two measurements. Once the first measurement is complete, continue to relax as you wait for the second measurement. The second measurement will start after 60-seconds. During this time avoid movement.

Step 7

Once the two readings are complete, measurement data are automatically stored for future reference by your doctor. If an error displays after the readings, please repeat the first six steps once again.

Step 8

When seven days of measurements have been collected, the Doctor Symbol will flash on the display. Do not forget to bring your WatchBP home device with you on your next doctor visit. (Note: the doctor symbol is only displayed for measurements in «DIAG.» Mode.)

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