How to measure the ankle brachial index with the WatchBP Office ABI

As with the Doppler measurements all measurements should be performed with the patient in supine position.

Screen mode
The guidelines for performing ABI prescribe that the ABI index should be determined at the arm with the highest blood pressure value. For this the screen mode should be used for performing simultaneous double-arm measurements.

ABI mode
After the arm with the highest BP value is determined one arm cuff (at the “R” cuff socket) can be replaced for the ankle cuff and blood pressure of the ankle and arm can be simultaneously measured in the ABI mode. After the measurement is performed the ABI will be automatically calculated by the device.

The ABI mode of the WatchBP Office ABI shows a reminder for the supine position (left) and automatically calculates the ABI from systolic blood pressure values (right; 1.09 = 148/136)

Table: Differences between WatchBP office ABI and Doppler machine


WatchBP Office ABI

Doppler Machine

Easy to perform

Difficult (education / skills required)


Time consuming

ABI index is provided

Calculation is needed


Not simultaneous

Oscillometric method

Auscultatory method

Dorsalis pedis artery cannot be measured

Dorsalis pedis can be measured

Results not influence by observer

Results influenced by observer

Additional screening for Afib

No additional screening